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ACE hosts program at VU Demo lab

We are excited to announce the completion of a 2-day Physics & Molecular Sciences program. 

The program was powered by Demonstrator Lab & IXA VU, who co-organized, hosted and gave a few workshops and talks.

Skills & inspiration

During the two-day journey 16 scientists from various disciplines such as Biophysics, Marine Biology and Chemistry worked on their inaugural business concepts and pitches. This enthusiastic group was introduced to new skill sets, such as how to design your business model, how to validate it and how to secure funding and IP. The group was also inspired by the scientists-turned-entrepreneurs from the ACE and IXA network.

Winning concept

Since all the ideas in the making tackled real world challenges, such as coral reef crisis and dye industry sustainability, it was extremely hard to identify the best pitch. But our jury overcame this challenge and awarded Nesha Narain, an MSc student from the group of Elisabeth von Hauff, who is working on the initiative that stood out the most – a non-invasive glucose monitor.

Demonstrator Lab

The Demonstrator Lab at VU is a facility for students and researchers in physics where bright ideas are transformed into tangible customer added value. Students and researchers are offered a space and support to build equipment, a team, connections, and access the business tools they need to understand whether their idea can make it.


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