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Startup Village is creating over 200 new workspaces for startups. 

Furthering our mission to bring together science and entrepreneurship, Startup Village will create over 200 new workspaces for startups – more than doubling the current amount of office space – and add a blockchain lab as a centerpiece for the new expansion. The expansion should contribute to adding blockchain businesses and projects to the Startup Village’s current mix of companies.

Startup Village provides workspaces and facilities to high-tech and science-based startups that benefit from easy access to top-notch research institutes and the University of Amsterdam’s science faculties. The idea behind Startup Village, an initiative by ACE Incubator, Amsterdam Science Park and UvA Ventures Holding, is to initiate collaborations with entrepreneurs, students, companies, researchers and innovators. At the location, ACE Incubator actively works on engaging groups of people with hot topics such as AI and blockchain, by organizing specialist events like Innovators Tribe and offering workshops and mentoring to talented startups. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as ACE was named #1 incubator in the Emerce100 at the beginning of May.

“The expansion is meant to attract businesses working in the
young but promising blockchain industry.”

– Erik Boer, Director ACE Incubator 

“A large number of the current occupants at Startup Village are specializing in data analysis and artificial intelligence, answering to a high demand from society and across different industries to implement these emerging technologies,” says ACE director Erik Boer. “But the expansion is meant to slightly shift this balance as its main intention is to attract businesses working in the young but promising blockchain industry. To this end, a dedicated building within the expansion is reserved for startups from that field,” Erik points out. “In addition, ACE will organize events, workshops and meetings hosted in the new blockchain lab.

The blockchain lab is expected to slot in well with the other community and event spaces at Startup Village. The collaborative aspect and community spirit are important characteristics of the Startup Village project and one of the reasons for its ongoing success. Another one is the group of dedicated partners and corporate investors. Companies such as Equinix, Rabobank and Schuberg Philis are keen to exchange ideas with energetic startups and to work closely together on innovative solutions. Some wish to immerse themselves more fully, like IT company Info Support. They adopted the Innovation Lab on site and use it as a learning space for employees and clients. Pharamceutical giant Kite Pharma, having its roots at the Science Park, are temporarily using space at Startup Village to support their rapid growth.

In addition to the expansion of Startup Village, the City of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam are working together on building student accommodation and housing for refugees with residential permits. Located next to Startup Village, the development is called Spark Village and will include one-person accommodation for 250 people. Construction will begin in July this year and is expected to be completed in autumn.

Want to know more about the expansion of Startup Village or become a partner? Please contact Suzanne Hansen via

Startup Village is an original concept by Julius Taminiau Architects. The design of the upcoming expansion is in the hands of Startup Village residential architectural firm Proof of the Sum

Artist impression of the Startup Village expansion.









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