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ACE 13th bootcamp with 13 new companies!

Today, we kicked off the 13th edition of the ACE Incubation Program with 13 startups. 

We are pleased to announce the start of the 13th ACE Incubation Program. During the first week of the program (the “Bootcamp”) 13 new startups get a crash course in business ideation with startup coach Gigi Wang from Silicon Valley and ACE mentors.

Over here on the ACE website, we’d like to give you a little sneak peek into the startup kitchen and introduce the companies while they’re starting out on this adventure with us. If you would like to get more information about any of the companies or about the ACE programs, please contact our program manager at

  • Affine Logic

Affine Logic accelerates the proliferation of enabling technologies (Deep Learning, AI) in Healthcare. 

Affine Logic develops state-of-the-art software for human pose and shape tracking. This removes barriers for patients to access physiotherapy by enabling the spot and “real time” performance measurements and feedback on the exercise routine of the patient.

  • e-Purity

e-Purity develops novel cost-effective routes towards industrially relevant enantiomerically pure compounds.

e-Purity designs and develops  novel cost-effective approaches to obtain enantiomerically pure compounds. e-Purity offers unique expertise in development and implementation of novel techniques into the customer’s production cycles.

  • gatherinn

A global network of unique community hubs and hotels that’s facilitated and enhanced by an AI-empowered online social platform.

gatherinn are setting up a digital and physical global network of hotels and community hubs. The global network will offer carefully designed physical facilities and an AI-powered digital platform that relies on proprietary and idiosyncratic big-data in order to inspire meaningful and content-driven human interaction.

  • Heleen Kibbelaar

Bio-based UV-filters for safer and more environmentally friendly sunscreens.

Heleen Kibbelaar develops environmentally friendly sunscreens. Through her research she developed a new type of UV-filter which is safer for human health and more environmentally friendly for the environment.

  • IdeasDiamond

IdeasDiamond is a customer-centric, data-driven community that makes it easy to listen, analyze, and react to feedback from “internal teams” to “customers” by using Machine Learning.

IdeasDiamons offers a cloud base application to gather, analyze and prioritize the real needs behind customer’s feedback. IdeasDiamond brings to customers a community where they can connect directly with the companies of the products that they use, and offers to companies the opportunity to automate, analyze and prioritize customer’s feedback.

  • IMMOON Therapeutics

IMMOON Therapeutics is developing an innovative therapy to control autoimmune diseases

IMMOON is developing a small molecule drug. Using a combination of ex vivo, in situ and in vivo approaches they have identified the new mechanism that controls the generation autoimmune responses underlying the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases and are now developing a first-in-class small molecule protein-protein interaction inhibitor for the selective targeting of this pathway.

  • Lalaland

Lalaland generates and personalizes full human body models, Head-To-Toe, enabling websites to individualize on-display models for their customers.

Lalaland generates a diverse variety of models and map customers apparel onto models. This saves customers money as they skip all the traditional photography production costs. Additionally, this saves customers time and efficiency to reach an on-display model as process becomes a click of a button.

  • Photosynthetic B.V. 

Making the fastest 3D printer.

Photosynthetic develops a volumetric printer capable of printing 3D objects using photo polymerization of acrylates. Using an approach inspired by combination of Computed Tomography and Stereo lithography, they will be able to design a 3D printing process where a whole 3D object is formed at the same time.

  • R2Water

R2Water maps global crop production data ahead of growing season, from seasonal time scale to coming decades.

R2Water will provide global crop production forecasts from seasonal to decadal time scale globally. Data and analytics we provide reveal where potential vulnerabilities of agricultural supply chain of an agrifood producer exist and identify which supply locations may become more expensive in the near- and longer-term future.

  • Resoft Labs

Keep software alive!

Resoft Labs plan to build a platform on which universities, research communities, and individual researchers can find the required expertise. On this platform, they can list bugs, issues, and feature requests for the research software they use, and offer a bounty (reward) for the one that solves these issues.

  • Science Visionary

We offer app and tailor service for biomedical scientists to create original motion graphics and videos for publishing their R&D breakthroughs.

Science Visionary creates a motion graphic app and tailored animation video for biomedical researchers & biotech companies. Their portfolio consists of two products 1) DrawBioMed – an illustration app that allows scientists to create motion graphics in PowerPoint. 2) Fund sourcing animation videos for scientific research.

  • TiliT Solar

“Sustainable. Simple. Stylish.” with TiliT Solar energy

To make it possible for everyone to enter ‘the green wave’ TiliT Solar proposes a low-cost solar cell that can harvest energy from the sun to power small devices for households. Their product utilizes state-of-the-art solar technology with unique characteristics such as light-weight, transparency and colour tunability.

  • YORT

Yort is an online platform to find immediate help for any everyday task. 

Yort is a web platform and mobile application to find help with any everyday task big or small (cleaning, delivery, grocery shopping, moving or anything else). The user is immediately connected with a best-matched contractor.

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