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ACE Events: Celebrating the success of the ACE AI Lab final demo day! 

celebrating the success of the ACE AI Lab final demo day

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On Thursday December 16, our 3 teams of students and researchers presented the demos of the AI based challenges they have been working on these past months in collaboration with our corporate partners: OLVG, Spaarne Labs and KraftHeinz for a diverse crowd of corporate representatives and ecosystem partners.

The (virtual) audience was welcomed by ACE moderators: Vladimir Nedovic and Maxime ten Brinke and Robert Kuipers (CEO at Ellogon AI and founder at ACE alumnus Nicolab) kicked the session off by sharing his lessons learned during his entrepreneurial journey. Followed by the impressive demos of our talented teams:


  • Team #Heopts
    Spaarne Labs challenged Catherina Chia, Jaime Pereira, Victor Retamal and Joshua Oyeto to help them optimize the efficiency of their operation rooms (ORs). For three months, the team worked on the first step in this process, namely: providing better predictions of operation durations. They interviewed many stakeholders involved in the process, from two Spaarne hospitals. As a result, they created a web-based prototype that gives a more accurate duration estimation, as well as a report summarizing what patterns emerge naturally from the available data (e.g. factors affecting duration the most, hidden indicators of operation complexity, etc.). During the challenge, both the student team and Spaarne Gasthuis reported to have learned a significant amount and are discussing steps to continue their collaboration.



  • Team
    OLVG challenged Balazs Borsos, Laura Alvarez, Diego Manjarres and Julio Gonzales to analyze CT scan images of kidneys, to automatically detect kidney stones and to determine their parameters. All for the purpose of personalizing treatment types for any particular case. The team worked with both urologists and radiologists part of OLVG to understand their current processes and build an improved solution. This resulted in a prototype that can identify and characterize kidney stones, as well as visualize them in 3D to show differences within their structures (disregarded in current measurements). The team is in conversation about their next, internal steps with ACE Incubator and obtained a letter of intent from OLVG to continue their fruitful collaboration. Carolien Toxopeus, radiologist & innovation doctor at OLVG, complimented her team,, for their hard work:

“I really applaud you for all your hard work but also for the good results that you have gained in an environment which is under a very high pressure […] I really think you are a step ahead of all these AI companies that don’t have these doctors onboard, that didn’t work together [with doctors].”


  • Team #Overfill
    KraftHeinz challenged Emile Dhifallah, Kacper Sawicz, Emiliyan Pavlov, Ivan Germanov and Krzysztof Ciszewski to predict factors that lead to under/over-filling in food products on an assembly line.



Philipp Musiol, Global Data Associate Manager at KraftHeinz, has been supporting team Overfill for the past few months:

“Everybody was very impressed about the team and how fast they were able to pivot to change the scope, go away from predictive work and start doing descriptive work. A lot of people liked the solutions they created. At KraftHeinz, we are already talking about the next steps we could potentially take with the students.”

At ACE AI Lab we empower entrepreneurial students to launch their AI based startups. The lab is an initiative powered by ACE with the goal to create opportunities for success by connecting companies, students and startups around various AI innovation challenges. More information about the initiative can be found here.

Missed the session? Get access to the recording by sending us an email:

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