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ACE alum in Forbes 30 under 30

Sea Going Green founder Aleksandra Dragozoet was recently named one of European Forbes 30 under 30.

One of ACE incubator’s alumni, Aleksandra (or Ally) Dragozet, founder of Sea Going Green was recently named as one of Forbes 2019 30 under 30 in the European edition of the magazine. Sea Going Green is a consultancy firm that provides the tourist industry with transition strategies to sustainably manage natural ecosystems while maintaining financial streams at the same time. Ally, a marine biologist and UvA alum, turned entrepreneur in 2017 once she participated in the ACE Ready to Start incubation program. She was motivated to start her consultancy business after working in the tourism industry and seeing all the negative impact on the marine environment first hand and wanted to use her marine biology expertise to bridge this gap and promote sustainable tourism.

New product launch

Today, Ally and her company are working on three contracts and completed a full green transition strategy for one client, of which they have seen implementation of their strategies. Sea Going Green’s message of sustainable marine tourism is growing with 3,000-16,000 blog readers a month! We are also proud to share that Sea Going Green will launch a new product this spring, Econavis, which is a software that provides sustainability data to marine navigation systems. Econavis will alert captains and crew of sailing in protected areas and areas with coral reefs in order to mitigate damage caused by anchors. Ally and her team received the NWO Take Off grant to develop Econavis, a huge win for Sea Going Green.

We congratulate Ally on her achievements and look forward to watching her tackle this global issue with continued success!

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