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ACE goes digital

Taking the incubator game to the next level!

ACE is determined to take the incubator game to the next level by teaming up with RocketDNA, an Amsterdam-based startup that empowers incubators to track, improve and predict performance of new ventures. We are excited to digitally transform the way we help startups turn their ideas into impactful businesses and to successfully continue our own journey of exceptional portfolio growth.

Personalized support based on state-of-the-art research

With the help of RocketDNA, we now have the chance to offer more personalized and tailored support to startups, while building on continuously collected information and insights on their progress. At the same time, startups can benefit from a goal-driven application that provides structured guidance combined with simplified processes and communication suited towards investors.

Data-driven approach

As a modular solution, RocketDNA’s machine learning approaches integrate data from several core performance constructs specifically designed for incubators and ventures as well as rely on the available external knowledge. It allows for a more holistic, transparent and objective assessment of ventures, resulting in value-adding relationships, cost-efficient processes and superior venture growth.

ACE is pioneering this data-driven startup building methodology as a RocketDNA pilot project. RocketDNA is backed by scientific methods originating from research conducted at the Amsterdam Business School. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

Check out the RocketDNA website to learn more. 




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