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CES Innovation Award for Coolfinity

Ready to Scale participants win prestigious award with the IceVolt 300.

On Oct. 17, Coolfinity was awarded the Innovation Award Honoree in the category ‘Tech for a better world’ during the CES Unveiled in Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. The company received the award for developing the IceVolt 300, a sustainable refrigerator that can run without power for up to 48 hours!

Changing lives with the IceVolt 300

Up to 70 countries in tropical climates experience regular power shortages, which causes food and medication to become unusable. The Coolfinity IceVolt 300 offers these countries sustainable cooling solutions that improve the quality of millions of people and businesses, contributing to at least 3 of the UN Sustainable Development goals:

  1. Ending hunger
  2. Ensuring healthy lives
  3. Ensuring affordable and clean energy

CES Las Vegas

Maarten ten Houten, founder and CEO of Coolfinity: ‘we are very honored to receive this award and the recognition for our cooling solution. And we look forward to join CES Las Vegas in 2020 as one of two Dutch companies to have been invited to show our product to the world. This will bring us one step closer to realizing our motto: ‘Saving lives, feeding the world, one sustainable fridge at a time’.



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