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ACE News: Cohort Spring ’22

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We’re thrilled to share that our Spring ’22 Incubation Program kicked off! On Monday May 2nd, the first session of our 10-week program took place in an on-site format at Startup Village Amsterdam. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

On Monday we kicked off the first ACE Incubation program of 2022 and gathered all the startups on-site. It was heartwarming to be able to meet everyone in person and it made us incredibly excited to start our hybrid format with combined on-site and online activities. We started the day off with introductions, presenting the program and getting to know the ACE team as well as all the startups better. Thereafter, the session ended in a festive manner with a favorite team building exercise of ours: mission marshmallow tower!

The kick-off was followed by an intense teambuilding session on Tuesday May 4th, organized by Bas Rogaar and Jurriaan Rogaar. The founders were challenged to dive deep, to be vulnerable and to share the matters that keep them up at night.

We are very excited to commence our ACE Incubation program this Spring, and even more excited to get to know our 6 awesome startups. And we’re not exaggerating when we say they are pretty cool! Take a look for yourselves:


Solution: A lively, interactive bug-hunting environment developed for the course Software Testing at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.
Startup Sector: Software
Founders: Marc Went, Robert Jansma, Natalia Silvis, Viktor Bonev, Emil Apostolev


Solution: Sports platform that offers sustainable sporting plans and activities to help expats and foreigners in Amsterdam to find a community of sport minded people.
Startup Sector: Platform, Fitness
Founders: Nicolae Arhip, Victoria-India Bannister, Philip Biedermann

Omni Wind

Solution: Omni Wind improves the power output from small vertical axis wind turbines using our technology and artificial intelligence.
Startup Sector: AI
Founders: Pranav Tetali, Kathy Vredeveldt, Ruby Hsiao, Niel Vredeveldt

Solution: Empowers doctors and medical professionals to make better and faster
diagnosis and treatment decisions by utilizing cutting edge AI technologies.
Startup Sector: MedTech, AI
Founders: Balázs Borsos, Julio J. López González, Laura Álvarez, Diego Manjarrés
Website: T.B.A.


Solution: Finds and selects the best existing ethical and sustainable products and sell them in
the most convenient way.
Startup Sector: Platform, Sustainability
Founders: Saeed Ildarabadi, Ali Haji, Medi Haji, Mahboube Ildarabadi


Solution: Wegozero maps focuses on making an existing zero waste network in Europe visible for millenials.
Startup Sector: Platform, Sustainability
Founders: Emilia Berenyi, Stefanie Behrendt

Quite an ensemble, right? Make sure to follow our ACE Incubation journey on our social media platforms and keep an eye on the developments these startups will go through. We cannot wait to see the final result!

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