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The bioinformatics company participated in the ACE Incubation Program two years ago.

Dutch bioinformatics software development company ENPICOM announced that they expanded the team with the experienced Life Sciences industry executive and health-tech entrepreneur Jos Lunenberg. This expansion marks a new strategic direction for the company. After successfully serving customers with tailored bioinformatics data analysis and visualization solutions in the first two years of its existence, ENPICOM will now also bring to market an innovative software platform to support the development, patient stratification and treatment monitoring of immunotherapies.

Jos Lunenberg has over 25 years of experience and proven success in the Life Sciences industry, excelling in entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, fundraising and business management. He was a founder of health-tech companies like VitaMagna, and co-owner and Chief Business Officer at GENALICE BV, where he led the commercial team for five years, raised capital in seed and consecutive investment rounds and established scientific and strategic partnerships.

“From the first day we met, we felt we can do this together. Since that day, we have moved at high pace realizing our dream to truly contribute with technology to the well-being of patients with complex diseases, like cancer. We will collaborate with different SME’s developing immunotherapies and one of the best Universities in the field of immunosequencing. As soon as we have received the outcome of this grant application we can disclose the names of these organizations”
commented Alvise Trevisan and Nicola Bonzanni, respectively the Chief Technology and Scientific Officers in the new organization.

Technology drives targeted drug treatment

Immunotherapy is a game-changing therapy in which a patient’s own immune system is stimulated to fight complex diseases like cancer. It has been on the covers of all the top ranked medical journals and famous magazines, like Nature, Science and Time. Immunotherapy is a true revolution and a rapidly expanding market, but there is a problem: most immunotherapies are extremely expensive and one size does not fit all. There are many types of immunotherapy and to save lives it is crucial to bring it to the right patients and detect whether the treatment is effective or not as early as possible. To enable this targeted drug treatment; technology is needed!

The technology under development by ENPICOM has the power to detect the changes in a tumor at a much earlier stage, allowing doctors to intervene and make better informed treatment choices. It will save many lives of patients and significant amounts of money for society.


ENPICOM is a spin-off of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a young, dynamic and rapidly expanding bioinformatics software development company. Originally setup in 2015 as a service organization, building tailored solutions in the broad field of bioinformatics, and since this year also on a mission to bring to the market innovative products in the field of immunogenomics. The first product in the pipeline is an innovative T-cell receptor and B-cell receptor repertoire analysis platform, to support development, guidance and monitoring of immunotherapies.

Read the full press release HERE.

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