ACE has played a central role in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Amsterdam over the past ten years. As an award-winning incubator, it’s deeply connected to local stakeholders in government, the investor and business community and other incubators and accelerators. By bringing in expertise from Australia, Europe and the US it has developed a profound understanding on how to build successful startup ecosystems.

ACE has now bundled all this expertise into a new workshop / training: The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Canvas. This powerful tool allows any participant of a local ecosystem to analyse the current state, discover blank spots and map out a strategy for future growth. It takes into account the unique elements of every ecosystem as well as important conditions like mindset and activation.

Who should participate in this training?

Ambitious, upcoming ecosystems eager to build their own unique brand of entrepreneurship: local, regional and national government officials, representatives of universities and business schools, NGO’s and NPO’s, corporate innovators, startup incubators and accelerators and all other organisations with the ambition to build a world class entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Workshop content

The workshop will introduce the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Canvas through a series of short interactive exercises. Mapping out the current state of the ecosystem, in combination with insights into essential success criteria, participants will be provided with a solid knowledge base and direction for future development. When describing the desired state of the ecosystem participants are inspired by international examples from the Netherlands, Australia, Europe and the US.

Experienced facilitators Erik Boer, Bart Sutorius and Arjan Goudsblom are delivering this workshop supported by a pool of international experts.


In January 2019 the ACE team conducted a successful workshop in Bahrain on “Building a startup ecosystem”. This workshop was designed to be a catalyst for further development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and was attended by over 40 representatives from all over the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

At the GEC 2019, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress that took place from 15th – 18th April, the tool was introduced to a global audience.

Furthermore, ACE participates in other initiatives in the region, partnering in tenders in MENA, Europe and other regions in order to contribute to thriving startup ecosystems around the world.

For questions or workshop requests contact Arjan Goudsblom via