Rabobank Amsterdam partners with ACE to provide our companies the opportunity of receiving an innovation loan. The Rabobank Innovation Loans are available for ACE program participants and alumni (Ready to Scale).

Besides loans, Rabobank offers knowledge, networks and coaching. They get involved with innovative companies from an early stage and are preferred banker of many Science Park-based businesses.


Ten innovation loans:

  • Worth €25k
  • Duration of 8 years
  • 3 years grace, pay-off within 5 years
  • Personal commitment
  • Fixed fee for 3 year of 4%, regular terms after that period
  • 3 years payment transactions for free
  • No commisions

How and for whom?

  • ACE Program participants & alumni (Ready to Scale)
  • Companies are selected by ACE and Rabobank committee
  • CDD check required

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