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Scale-up spotlight: Finsulate

Meet our Ready to Scale participants!

Scale-up Spotlight: Get to know the awesome companies of the Ready to Scale program! This time, we introduce Rik Breur, founder of Finsulate! Rik has been nominated for the prestigious European Invention Award 2019.

Pollution-free solution

Rik Breur invented an anti-fouling wrap, consisting of nylon microfibres on one side and self-adhesive film on the other. The patented material prevents algae, mussels and other marine life from attaching themselves to the surface of marine vessels. The wrap’s microfibres are closely packed together so marine life cannot grow on the spaces in-between. What’s more, the material has been extensively tested to make sure the microfibers don’t fall of the vessel and cause microplastic pollution. The wrap is effective on both moving and moored vessels, making it applicable to a wide range or maritime structures.

From organic to hyper-growth

Rib Breur obtained his PhD in corrosion and biofouling from Delft University and started his own research company in 2002. A long-time interest in biology and a passion for diving motivated Breur to start thinking of ways to rid the oceans of toxic products. His current focus is on the pleasure yachting sector, as he believes individuals are becoming more environmentally aware and responsible. His product both helps owners keep their boats and the ocean clean! To help bring Finsulate to the next level and offer his environmental friendly solution worldwide, Breur joined the Ready to Scale program in April. He says:

Joining Ready to Scale offers me an opportunity to transform organic growth into hyper-growth by it’s support in Finsulate’s financing strategy and in rolling out the company on a global scale”.

Learn more

> To learn more about Finsulate visit their website at

> OR if you want to know more about the Ready to Scale program, download our factsheet HERE.

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