Tailored support (1-on-1)

The PIM team helps startups, scale-ups and SME's attract financing through tailored advice and support. We help you determine your strategy, create your financial model and write a business plan.

A tailored trajectory with PIM consists of 1 to 5 sessions. We charge €250 per session (8 hours) for any circular/sustainable business or startup. For this group, the first day is free of charge. All other companies pay €500 per session.

How it works

When you apply for PIM, we will first sit down for an intake meeting to discuss your financing needs. After the intake, we will propose a tailored trajectory based on your current situation. Once you agree to our proposal we will design a roadmap for support to help you get your company investment ready!

For who

Apply for PIM 1-on-1 when:

  • You need help with a financing problem
  • You have an innovative startup/SME
  • You are based in Noord-Holland
  • You have a special focus on circular or sustainable business


Send us an email for questions or to apply directly!

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