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The ACE-List: JustAI

Get to know ACE startup founders & find out what drives them!

The ACE-List: We are proud and excited to introduce our awesome startup founders. The ACE-List is a regular installment where startup teams from the ACE Incubation Program introduce themselves and share a little insight into their startup journey!

Meet the founders

Name(s): Kishan, Gulfaraz, Tanya
Title(s) + field(s) (MSc/PhD or other): MSc Artificial Intelligence, PDEng Mathematics for Industry (Data Science)
Company: Just A.I.
Industry: Information technology
Founded in: June 2018

In short

Just A.I. is an A.I. consultancy company created by three enthusiastic colleagues and friends experienced in modelling for Financial services. We build AI-driven solutions that help our customers automate high data-volume operations in Marketing, Image and Video, Agri and other domains that can benefit from employing A.I.

Tell us more!

How did you come up with your startup idea?

Kishan has experience with running his family business for many years and he was the first to come up with this idea. When a business opportunity appeared, we decided to start the company. We liked working for ourselves so much that we are now full-speed in the business development mode and have signed a couple of partnerships and projects on different continents.

What is your company’s unique proposition?

We believe our people are unique and trustful advisers with many years of experience in the field. For our customers we make the impossible possible within their timeline and budget. Every small or medium company can benefit from AI with our solutions. Our focus is on outlining a strategy with our partners, as well as delivering and implementing working solutions.

What has been your ACE moment?

We felt we did it when one of our first customers came back to us with more new ideas and completely trusted us on the realization.

What has the shift from academia to entrepreneurship been like for you?

We all have a pretty strong background in the industry and entrepreneurship has always been in the back of our minds. We are happy we could benefit from the perfect opportunities that ACE provides for startups within academia. We have learned a lot and have had the chance to connect with inspiring mentors. Our learnings from the Bootcamp were valuable, we even managed to sign a deal with one important international customer during the first week in the ACE program! It’s just this special atmosphere of the Startup Village and the University that makes your startup heart tick and we hope to keep this spirit.

What is the best advice you could give someone who wants to start their own business?

The advice is very simple: if you are thinking about starting up your business, probably you already know what you like to do most. Pick up the phone, call your best friends-colleagues and start working on it. Make it bigger as you go. You don’t need to have it all figured out from the start.

What are your next steps for the coming months/half year?

We are going to graduate both from the University and from the ACE Incubator and we are planning to make our first million next year. We are partnering with everyone who is as much enthusiastic about using AI in a daily business as us. Thus, if you are the one or know someone who would like to bring an AI solution into life, you know where to find us and we promise it will be a life changing experience.

Learn more about JustAI on the WEBSITE or contact our head of incubation for more information:

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