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The ACE-List: TheraPhysX

a man from TheraPhysX looking at the camera in an urban setting

Get to know ACE startup founders & find out what drives them!

The ACE-List: We are proud and excited to introduce our awesome startup founders. The ACE-List is a regular installment where startup teams from the ACE Incubation Program introduce themselves and share a little insight into their startup journey!

Meet the founders!

Company: TheraPhysX
Industry: Health Care & Applied AI
Founded in: 2019

Chris Giannakidis (CEO)
Konstantinos Kantoutsis (CTO)

In short:

TheraPhysX accelerates the proliferation of enabling technologies (Deep Learning, AI) in Healthcare, in diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s.

How did you come up with your startup idea?

Healthcare is an industry where innovation is much needed. By deploying Deep Learning and Computer Vision solutions, we are able to optimize the workflow of the practitioners while improving the patients’ quality of life.

What is your company’s unique proposition?

We aim to provide a complete platform, providing clients with healthcare services, from diagnosis to treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. This is achievable by leveraging the most up-to-date applications in Computer Vision and Human tracking, with the only requirement being a smartphone. In doing so, we are able to objectively measure the severity of the illness or disease, for instance for Parkinson’s disease.

What has been your ACE moment?

Every single day has been a special moment for us. Thanks to the ACE mentorship initiative, and by reaching out to experts in the medical field, we have pivoted a lot. Pivoting has helped us to understand the various ways in which our solution can be applied and how. For us, this would be the most important take-away.

What has the shift from academia to entrepreneurship been like for you?

Our experience from academia always had to do with how you apply the theory to practice. From that standpoint, we have a comparative advantage. Nevertheless, the rate at which our team has to adapt to new challenges is much greater than in a “controlled” environment.

What is the best advice you could give someone who wants to start their own business?

Start by validating your idea and talking to potential customers to understand their needs. Don’t forget to pivot and explore new opportunities. Don’t build something that doesn’t solve a problem. Hmm, actually that’s three pieces of advice!

What are your next steps for the coming months/half year?

We are in talks with several people (industry experts & specialists) to join our Advisory Board and starting pilots with hospitals and research centers.

How can someone who is interested in you or your startup contact you?

They can send an email to:

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