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Ventee launches ticket platform

The company aims to become go-to platform for event discovery & management in Amsterdam.  

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in the world, receiving more than 8 million tourists each year. The city is home to some of the largest music events and festivals in the world such as the International Documentary Film Festival and Amsterdam Dance Event. According to Ventee’s founders Alex Maruta, and Rares & Raul Sfirlogea, the Amsterdam scene for event management is dominated by just a few large companies. These perform mainly ticketing services and their packages are not optimally built to satisfy small- and medium businesses’ needs and interests.

Balancing the market

Amsterdam prides itself for being a vibrant city and being a home to thousands of artists, DJs and musicians who are disadvantaged and lacking visibility due to the way large organisations publish and promote their major events. Ventee wants to balance the market and offer more visibility to young artists and small businesses wishing to create their own content and promote their own work. By offering a platform that manages all aspects of event management, Ventee takes away the burden of promoting and ensures a higher degree of visibility.

Supporting small businesses

The idea for Ventee originated from identifying inefficiencies with the current way events are created, handled, published and promoted, locally and internationally. Ventee is a platform that enables fast event discovery for consumers and simple event management for small businesses and freelance artists. The model enables consumers to have access to much more content, and businesses are able to try different revenue models while gaining new customers. Learn more about Ventee at:

Ventee was founded by three young professionals with extensive experience in IT, software development and consulting. The startup has been enrolled in the ACE Ready to Start program since February 2017.


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