Privacy Statement

ACE documents and processes personal data of partners, potential customers, (potential) participants and other contact persons. We do this to be able to offer the best service to our partners and clients and in order to achieve mutual goals. In this privacy statement, we will elaborate on why and in which way we use your personal data.

Who are we?

ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship) is the university incubator of UvA, VU, HvA and Amsterdam UMC. Officially registered as ACE Incubator B.V.

Which personal data do we process?

We process the following types of personal data: First and last name, address, city of residence, phone number, gender, email address, participation details (of events and/or meetings), payment details, job titles and photographs. Company data.

Why do we register personal data?

We register personal data for the following purposes:

Participant registration and services
We register personal and company data from participants of our startup and scale-up programs and participants of our events.

Newsletters and mailings
You may receive several ACE newsletters. These are sometimes personalized, but not always. If a person does not wish to receive any further emails, they can unsubscribe through each sent email.

Recruitment (marketing)
For recruitment purposes and registering participants for our programs and events we use and keep personal data.

Improving services
For improving our customer contact and services we save personal data in our database.

Special data
We register two types of special data; gender information and photographs. We use gender information to be able to address persons accordingly. Photos we use to provide our content with more ambiance. These registrations are always voluntary and under permission and will (obviously) not be used for any other purposes.

Rights of those concerned

Under the GDPR, those involved have a specific set of rights. We try our utmost to comply with the regulations. To address and claim your rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) Maxime ten Brinke via email at

  • Information and inspection: You are allowed to access your personal data. We will gladly inform you on how and why we process these data.
  • Corrections: Do you believe we have incorrect data? Let us know, so we can adjust your personal information.
  • Right to forget: You can have your personal data removed from our database. It may occur that we will still need to process your data for other purposes (such as administrative purposes or removing duplications).
  • Limitations: Are you under the impression we are processing your data unjustly or for the wrong purposes, then you can also limit the types of ways in which we process your data.
  • Objections: You can send in an objection for the use of your personal data. Does it concern marketing? Then we will stop using your data as quickly as possible after you send in an objection.
  • Transferability: This is a new right under the GDPR to transfer or have your personal data transferred. In case you want to use this option, please contact us.

Besides that you can also:

  • Withdraw your permission: for example to receive emails. If you want to withdraw any other type of processing, please contact our office.
  • File a complaint with AP: Do you believe we are not handling your information in accordance with the privacy regulations? Please let us know. As of May 25th (2018), it is also possible to file a complaint with AP (Authority Personal data).
Time limit

We keep personal data for a limited amount of time and not longer than necessary. We keep personal data to inform our network about relevant issues concerning our incubator. In case this is not wanted, a claim can be made to the right to forget (recht der vergetelheid, see also above under “Rights of those concerned”).

Grounds of registrations

As mentioned above, we process some data to perform a lawful duty, some data to process contracts (for participation in a program or event) and most data we use as a justified benefit of ACE Incubator to achieve our goals as a company.


The data servers of ACE Incubator are managed by UvA Ventures Holding. To secure your privacy and the confidentiality of your data, UvA Ventures Holding is taking the necessary precautions and organizational measures. For example security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, like applying access control, firewalls and protected servers, and encryption of certain types of data, like financial information and other sensitive information.

Aside from protecting the system, we also do not want everyone within ACE Incubator to have access to your data. Our systems are thus set up, that employees will only have access to information for which they have been authorized.

ACE Incubator B.V. is located at Startup Village, Science Park 608, 1098 XH, in Amsterdam. ACE’s company address is Roetersstraat 35, 1018 TW Amsterdam.

Do you have tips or remarks? Let us know! You can contact us via

ACE Incubator has appointed Maxime ten Brinke as Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO can be reached via email at

Amsterdam, January 2020