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Admissions are open for the ACE Incubation Program (Fall 2019)!

We are now accepting applications for the ACE Incubation Program (starts Nov. 11, 2019).

Are you a MSc student or researcher in tech or beta sciences and are you considering starting your own business? Do you have a brilliant innovative idea but don’t quite know how to commercialize your concept or product? At ACE, we offer a three-month program covering all the challenging aspects of business creation. Our next program starts on November 11th and currently we are already accepting admissions (deadline Oct. 14)! SIGN UP NOW. 

About the program

Want to start your tech or science-based company? We offer training & support, and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Time investment: 1 week full-time + 11 weekly interactive sessions (on Monday morning).
The program also includes:

>> Individual mentoring sessions with seasoned
entrepreneurs and business experts

>> A network of consultants and service providers

>> Access to our professional network of partners

>> Matching to venture capital and industry leaders

>> A vibrant and welcoming community of
passionate founders

What startups say


“Being part of ACE’s program was tremendously helpful. It inspired me and helped me organize my thoughts and make a plan on how to start my own company.” 

Andrea Candelli, LUMICKS


“ACE was like a bootcamp version of ‘getting an MBA for startups’. I went in as an academic and came out prepared to leap into the journey of entrepreneurship.” 

Aleksandra Dragozoet, Sea Going Green


“We started as a team of programmers with no business experience. By the end of the program we really felt like entrepreneurs.”

Bart Vredebregt, Aiir Innovations


“Radically Open Security took shape at ACE’s Incubation Program and we have grown and flourished ever since.”

Melanie Rieback, Radically Open Security




Are you still hesitant about signing up? Why not stop by our office at Startup Village (Amsterdam Science Park) for a coffee chat. We can tell you all about the program and participant requirements. Feel free to drop us a note at and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!

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