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Blockchain against loneliness

ConnActive Care and VX Company organize series of seminars on smart technology solutions.

How does smart technology connect governments, healthcare institutions and mobility solutions? How do we achieve a better healthcare system for the elderly with minimal resources? That question is currently being raised in our society, within government bodies as well as the healthcare sector. ConnActive Care and VX Company host a series of seminars for decisions makers and mobility- and healthcare experts to work on solutions together.

Join the first seminar on February 22nd at Startup Village. During this event, inspiring speakers will discuss which challenges are currently presenting itself and how blockchain can help combat these challenges, as smart technology can play a fundamental role in elderly care. This seminar is part of a program designed to experiment with smart technology on the interchanging point between elderly care and mobility.

Sign up via the link (tickets for €95).

About ConnActive Care

ConnActive Care is a design and data studio with a mission to improve elderly care. They organize workshops to help employees and patients learn how to work with new technology. They are also currently working on their own smart home solution. Check them out at or find them in their office at Startup Village, on Amsterdam Science Park!


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