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ACE News: Cohort November 2020

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Our Fall Incubation Program is around the corner! On Monday November 9th the kick-off of our 9-week program will take place online.

As many of us, ACE too, had to pivot their offline program to the online space back in May. Ever since, we’ve started working with our new tailor-made mentor platform MentorJam and onboarded 60+ mentors and 25+ startups to “ACE Base”. A diverse group of 13 incredible startups will get to know each other and their own teams better, during our kick-off session on Monday: a team building session facilitated by Bas Rogaar and Jurriaan Rogaar.

In this blogpost we’d like to introduce you to the startups that have been selected for the Fall edition of our bi-annual incubation program. The 21 startup founders that have been selected for the program will participate in our 9-week online program. During these 9 weeks, ACE offers intensive training, support, and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

For this edition, we’ve received 185 applications. The following 13 startups made it into the program:

AAA Research

Startup Sector: Hardware / Life Sciences
Founder: Martin Gevonden
Website: T.B.A.

AAA Research provides wearable technology solutions for stress research in daily life. The flagship product VU-AMS is trusted by research professionals around the globe to monitor how the body responds to stressors experienced in real-life circumstances.


Startup Sector: Hardware / Sustainability
Founder: Reuben Moore
Website: T.B.A.

Aerophyte offers offices, public spaces and households a small and modular indoor climate control system integrated into a plant container that never has to be watered. Introducing this innovation into living and working environments improves peoples’ health and wellbeing and can significantly increase work productivity.


Startup Sector: Platform / Sustainability
Founders: Julian Swinkels, Ruben van de Water, Falko Lavitt, Raul van Kleef

With CarbonCancel you can calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. Try out the carbon calculator and take control over your CO2 emissions. 


Startup Sector: Life Sciences
Founders: Veronika Odintsova, Austin van Asselt

EBA (Epigenetic Biomarker Analysis) is a biotech startup focused on developing diagnostic tools utilizing epigenetics and AI. It is founded by two researchers from Vrije University of Amsterdam (Nl) and Avera Institute of Human Genetics (USA). The focus is on child health and wellbeing.

Gym Spaces

Startup Sector: Platform / Gig economy
Founder: Ruben Halfhide

Gym Spaces helps sporting facilities optimise their utilisation rate by allow them to rent out their available spaces to the personal trainers. Eventually, anyone should be able to easily find and rent sports related spaces.

Intrical AI

Startup Sector: Enterprise / AI
Founders: Irina Kulizhnikova, Gabriele Bani, Alvise Sembenico

Intrical AI is an ML (machine learning) enhanced search & summarization tool, supporting professionals to create trusted company profiles. More specifically, the startup use the latest technology to extract business knowledge form a large amount of data and helps to faster find the necessary information and make sure that important info is not missing.

Liion Power

Startup Sector: Hardware / Energy
Founders: Jardo Stammeshaus, Tobias Slieker
Website: T.B.A.

Liion Power is a young, ambitious start-up and has a team of scientists that is focusing on the design of smart-charging systems to increase the longevity of lithium-ion batteries, which is the core battery storage system of an electrified and sustainable society.


Startup Sector: Hardware, Life Sciences
Founder: Suhas Nawada
Website: T.B.A.

Microgen is a 3D-Printer manufacturer of sub-micron resolution instruments based on a method developed in the UvA.


Startup Sector: Platform / Gig economy
Founder: Micky Chen

Minite is an end-to-end cloud platform connecting remote student freelancers with businesses, enabling them to contribute, learn and build their resume.


Startup Sector: Platform / Career
Founder: Niels Baay

Nxus connects employers, universities, their students and alumni on one integrated community and career platform, which at the same time provides equal opportunities throughout the recruitment process to students and graduates in search of jobs and internships.


Startup Sector: Hardware / BioTech
Founder: Arnon Lesage
Website: T.B.A.

SolarFoil introduces a transparent layer that converts sunlight into the most optimal light for plants. Imagine if the standard greenhouse glass roof can be replaced with SolarFoil, this will result in an increase in the tomato yield of that greenhouse under normal sunlight. 


Startup Sector: Hardware / MedTech
Founders: Luca Bartolini, Davide Iannuzzi

Two complementary signals to improve the diagnostic pathway of cervical cancer: 2SIGNAL is improving the quality of life of the millions of women participating in cervical cancer screening programs, with a new, non-invasive and insightful medical device.


Startup Sector: Platform / Retail
Founder: Nancy Shenouda

Tradesnest is a B2B platform that connects brands with distributors in their target market and helps Distributors find new and innovative products.

Any further questions or would you like to get in touch with the startups? Please don’t hesitate to reach out via:


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