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DigiVita summer camp for girls

Program teaches young girls how to code in a week at Startup Village. 

Fifty girls between the ages of 10 and 15 attended a full-week of programming courses at Startup Village from 23-27th of July during the DigiVita summer camp, an initiative of VHTO. 

Despite the heat, the girls dedicated themselves fully towards learning to work with the Micro:bit and learning to program several code languages such as Scratch, Python and Creative Code. They were also introduced to themes such as robotics, drones, gaming and cyber security.

Their week at Startup Village was filled with a bunch of other fun activities like a tour of the Amsterdam Science Park to meet with some of the coolest and most innovative tech companies. The girls learned all about AI, programming, 3D printing and more from ACE alumni and Startup Village residents including Aiir Innovations, BIT Students, Holofil, Innoseis and 3D Universum.

The girls of DigiVita summer camp spent all week at Startup Village where a group of young IT entrepreneurs holds office. They celebrated during the Pizza Programming Party on Tuesday night with their parents who came over to see what they had been working on. Their stay certainly lifted spirits around Startup Village and we look forward to welcoming back the DigiVita summer camp a second time!

About VHTO

VHTO: Landelijk expertisebureau meisjes/vrouwen en bèta/techniek organizes activities to grow the number of girls and women in beta sciences, technology and ICT industries across the Netherlands. VHTO is aimed at all levels of education, from primary schools to (applied science) universities and the job market. Read more about VHTO on their website.

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