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Meet our new startups!

ACE proudly presents latest additions to the portfolio.

We’re beyond proud to show off our newest additions to the ACE portfolio! From Nov. 12-16, these budding entrepreneurs successfully finished a one-week Bootcamp at our home-base Startup Village in Amsterdam. Over the course of the following three months, they will fully immerse themselves in developing their product further, connecting to the ACE network and reaching out to potential clients.

Meet the startups


Jan Hudecek, Slide Score

Pathologists look at microscopy slides, either using a microscope or digital images, to determine properties of tissue. For example tumor grade, percentage of tumor cells and so on. This is called scoring a slide. Currently this is done manually by assistants that help pathologists record the results. Slide Score can help save up to 50 man-hours per research study by allowing the user to do the scoring themselves, within the online slide viewer. Slide Score digitizes and optimizes a complex process that is slow and error-prone, and in addition, Slide Score could serve as a great source of training data for AI image analysis.

Slide Score is currently running a pilot at NKI/AVL with 130 users and 300.000 scores. Learn more about Slide Score on the website.


Lars van der Wal, Gymstory

Weight training is one of the most popular ways to exercise in a gym.  However, existing weight workout tracking options for gym members cost time and create frustration as they require members to manually log their weight exercise. The inconvenience of manual data input and interruption of the workout causes most users to stop using the apps over time. In addition, from gym perspective,  gym owners have no way of tracking the usage of their machines or a way to find out which exercises their members are actually interested in. Gymstory offers an automatic and wireless solution that connects between hardware on (weight stack) fitness machines and smartphones. The app wirelessly connects with a range of devices. Thus, Gymstory is a modular solution offering weight tracking app for users, and hardware pin device for weight machines in gyms.

Gymstory has already generated interest from gym owners and potential software partners and fitness equipment producers. Learn more about Gymstory on the website.


Huan Zhou, CloudsTech

Chances are that you are a Cloud user, but have you heard about Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing has been around for quite a while and it can provide flexibility on computing infrastructure constructions. However, due to high complexity common users and even developers are still not able to use it. CloudsTech wants to bring cloud computing into daily life. Through using the mobile app, users are enabled to choose their own server (virtual machine)  from various data centers around the world. This can then be used for setting up proxy servers, personal storage, websites etc.

CloudsTech aims at a large client base, from IT professionals to end-users worldwide. Paid integrated services from their mobile app  connect users to cloud resources.

If you have any questions regarding the ACE portfolio, please contact Darya Krasilnikov at

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