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Science Park as a hotspot for innovation

Innovation & business are booming at Amsterdam Science Park.

Last year, Amsterdam Science Park welcomed 39 new companies, ranging from startups to multinationals. Head of acquisition at the Science & Business organization Astrid Tuinder says the park especially saw an increasing proportion of data related companies from all sectors. Now, with the coming of a new AI co-creation building, Amsterdam Science Park is rapidly turning into a hotspot for AI and innovation.

Co-creation building

The University of Amsterdam will create a high-level co-creation building for Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Science Park to stimulate the cooperation between Amsterdam-based research institutes and corporates. The city of Amsterdam is contributing €4 million to the initiative. The development of an AI hotspot is believed to enforce the Amsterdam Science Park as one of the most important centers for scientific research and education.

Science & business

Currently, researchers at Amsterdam Science Park are already a big draw for large companies. Particularly because the researchers and startups that are based here operate in crucially important fields such as data science and AI. “Big companies like Qualcomm and Tata Steel are continually looking to acquire new talent or cooperate with startups in key areas”, says Astrid Tuinder.

Startup Village

“The park’s strong knowledge base in computer science and AI is also a big draw for startups themselves”, says Erik Boer of the park’s Startup Village, an initiative of ACE. “While 40% of the companies come from our own Incubation Program which nurtures Amsterdam Science Park spin-offs,  60% come from elsewhere because they think this is the innovative place to be.”

Innovators Tribe

Another new initiative aims to match AI experts to corporate innovators and help companies navigate innovation challenges and sharpen their corporate vision. Organized by the ACE team and to be set at Startup Village, Innovators Tribe will kick off with its first event on May 18, hosting Maarten de Rijke (full professor of Information Retrieval at the UvA Informatics Institute) as a guest lecturer. Want to join the tribe?

These new and exciting developments at Amsterdam Science Park will certainly improve the dynamics and interaction between talented students, researchers and large companies. Stay tuned!


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