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Alumni News: Lalaland x ASIF Ventures

Get to know ACE alumni & find out where their journey is heading!

We’re happy to share that ACE alumni Michael Musanda (CEO) and Ugnius Rimsa (CTO) founders of AI Startup Lalaland raised pre-seed funding from our partners at ASIF Ventures.

Lalaland, a startup focused on full human body generation has secured a round of funding from ASIF Ventures. Their AI solution offers a large and diverse library of size, age and ethnic-inclusive models to fashion brands, thereby enabling websites to personalize display models to tailor to different customer segments. This ultimately allows brands to save operational costs and, in the long run, reduce returns and changes as consumers will be able to personalize what they see on the screen based on their own preferences and sizes. Lalaland is preparing for an upcoming launch with an established lingerie brand and will expand to mainstream retailers with the ASIF Investment.

Michael Musanda and Ugnius Rimsa are driven entrepreneurs who know their solution will disrupt the current e-commerce landscape and, most importantly, they are spurred by the positive feedback received from the consumers. Their extensive technical expertise allowed them to move quickly, pivot and adapt the problem until it solved a growing problem in the market. Their time at UtrechtInc and ACE Incubator exposed them to several mentors and advisors as well as potential clients, allowing them to generate early traction and interest from key industry players. Their sophisticated technology facilitated the onboarding of a seasoned entrepreneur and sales expert who are leading their business development efforts.

Lalaland’s plans for 2020 include the development of new features and the onboarding of new brands while offering fully personalizable experiences to their customers.

Find the full press release here.



Lalaland generates and hyper-personalizes full human body models, head-to-toe. They offer a large and diverse library of size and ethnic-inclusive models to fashion brands, thereby enabling websites to personalize different display models to show to different customer segments. Curious to get to know what drives the startup’s founders? Find out here.

ASIF Ventures

ASIF Ventures is an Amsterdam based venture capital fund completely run by recent graduates. Funded by both public and private sources, namely the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit and various angel investors, ASIF Ventures has €1 million to invest exclusively in young entrepreneurs. Lalaland marks the fifth investment by ASIF Ventures after Dyme – a fintech startup they invested in earlier this year; Project Cece, a sustainable online marketplace; Knowork, a networking and facility management platform for co-working space for and Bringly, a last mile delivery SaaS tool for stores. ASIF also organizes a range of events to bridge the gap between Amsterdam’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and its student community.

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